Toilet Transporters

There's a Explorer Trailer your size
From 1 to 24 Toilets, pick a length that suits.
Deliver Safety with Explorer Trailers
Explorer improves transport safety by directly securing each
toilet skid to the specially designed carrier slats on the trailer bed.

Explorer's unique design is easily adjustable to "box-in" virtually
any size of skid, providing you flexibility to transport the many
styles of portable toilets available today.  

8-Toilet Transporter
shown with deflector option for reducing wind loading

Now Available - Hot Dip Galvanizing

Galvanizing makes your transportation
equipment last for the long haul.

Ensure long life and low maintenance - 
specify hot-dip galvanizing.  It's one of
the most economical solutions available!


Contact an Associate in your Region...
Explorer Toilet Transporter Trailers are shipped directly
from our Elmira, Ontario manufacturing plant, or from the
yard of your nearest Sales Associate.



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